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THE MOMMY SHOW (For Adults Only)

The Mommy Show (for Adults Only) is a hilarious moms' night out or date night for the people who so desperately need and deserve a laugh and a DRINK. Join award-winning comedy music duo (and moms) MEL & EL for pee-in-your pants** songs like "White Lady with a Black Baby", "My Man is Just the Right Amount of Gay", and "I Ruined You." There will be stories, songs, giveaways, and a chance to unload and unwind AND still get back to relieve the babysitter before it gets too late. It's like nursery school for grown-ups, but with Merlot instead of milk.

THE MOMMY SHOW with Mel & El

Wednesday, June 3rd

TWO SHOWTIMES: 7:00PM and 9:15PM

QEDAstoria at 27-1623rd Avenue  ph: 347.451.6873


** Please pee in the potty, not in your pants.**

Mel & El at MaMaPaLooza THIS SUNDAY MAY 17th IN NYC. 

Moms Rock! Come and see for yourself: "a musical Laverne and Shirley meets Sex and the City" and a "female Flight of the Conchords."

Riverside Park South @ W. 68th St. on the Pier from 11 AM - 5PM.

Free for the whole family! Learn more here.


SOLO ANNA, the life and art of Anna Magnani

by Franco D'Alessandro

Directed by Eva Minemar

Starring Lidia Vitale

Produced by ABP/La Lupa Fest

After sell out performances in Venice, Rome, New York & LA SOLO ANNA, the life and art of Anna Magnani, directed by Eva Minemar was performed at the LA Mama Courthouse in Melbourne, Australia as part of LA DOLCE ITALIA FESTIVAL featuring the legendary Sophia Loren. More info at

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